Welcome to the wonderful world of weirdo ME

If your friends with me then you already know how happy I am when I get to do weird shit, well not weird to me, but weird to the general public.

That being said, I am extremely excited to be able to finally find a passion about something in life. Its taken me 35 years! My husband is the best around, I can actually be myself and never once does he judge me for being weird, freaky, dark lol or even witchy.

Since i've had my 2 daughters, i've struggled to find who I am again. I went from being a biker chic, tattoo model, bad ass who just didn't give a fuck, to a mother with two daughters, and I honestly had no clue how I was going to manage raising them. Again those who know me know i'm not the girly type and I may have been better off with boys!

But I can gladly say that everything in my life has happened to make me stronger, fiercer, and more loyal to those who matter.

I am finally able to launch a business I am excited and passionate about. I wont let the cat out of the bag about all the products i'll be selling and creating, but lets just say its going to range from normal everyday items to products that will make you blush or say what the fuck is that for \m/

Again if you know me, you know I constantly chase squirrels and never have my shit together. So i'm doing this business half ass backwards, and launching things as i'm ready or really not ready, but if I don't start some wheres I'll never start.

So please be patient in my new journey, I promise I'll get everything together one day and have a smooth running business, or fuck it, i'll just have my own business in my perfect chaotic world that we have come to love.

Yes I will still continue to work 40+ hours in a job I enjoy, is it my passion, probably not lol but the guys at Gas and Supply are amazing and its a great company to work for. Plus how else am I gonna support my occult addiction!!

Again I can't stress how much it means to have true family support me and not judge me for being the weirdo that I am, and not conforming to the normal way of life